Not so long ago, luxury was about creating beautiful and unique custom products based on your individual preferences, taste and budget – and handcrafted by skilled artisans. But mass production has eliminated the voice of the customer except at the highest levels, where a custom product now commands a huge premium and takes several months to produce. Beyond this sea of sameness, the luxury goods industry structure drives increasingly absurd prices, and a culture of pretense and elitism along with it.

We started 1  because we want to Redefine Luxury. Actually, we’d like you to redefine luxury with us, by actively participating in the creation of your product. Starting with handbags, we are building a transformational luxury brand that delivers exquisitely handcrafted custom products, manufactured in New York City, at a price that reflects only what went into making your product, and delivered in less than 21 days.  1  represents a return to True Luxury, defined by Craftsmanship, Quality, and having something beautiful Made Just For You.

We’re bringing luxury back to what it once was, in a way it could only happen today. Join us.

Individuality has its own status.